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Hey there, my name’s Sexual Dreamer Guy (well, just between you and me, it isn’t) and I’m constantly looking for new camgirls to knock da boots with in my lucid dreams. Submit some pics and, if approved, I’ll dream about you and report every last debauched detail of the lucid luvin over here on my galleries page.

What’s in it for you? Well, I will include 2 of your links in the blog post, so you can promote your profile, clipstore, twitter, tumblr, etc. My posts are written to “go viral” and to attract lots of search engine traffic. Plus, I’ll submit each blog post to high-traffic thumbnail gallery sites that usually bring in tons of camgirl-curious visitors.

Bottom line is, this is great promo for you — and it’s pretty much effortless. The only thing you really have to do is take some pics and accept the fact that a geeky camgirl addict is getting seriously funky with you in his dreams. The revulsion usually passes in a few hours, I’m told (much faster if you pop 2 aspirins with a shot of Kahlua immediately upon submitting).

What To Do

Just take 15 to 20 pics of yourself (selfies are awesome!) in various sexy poses and submit them below. Show some boobs and booty, but no private parts or penetration please. Be sure to take at least one pic of you holding a piece of paper that says something like “I Heart” or “Sexual Dreamer Rocks!” or “Sexual Dreamer Guy MUST Father my Offspring!“, just so that I can be sure it’s really you submitting the pics.

You can send up to 2 links for me to include in the post. These should be links to your cam model profile and/or your Twitter (Tumblr or Facebook is okay too, if you’re not on Twitter). You can also include a link to your clipstore as one of the 2 links.

Please note that if I have already approached you and invited you to submit, your approval is guaranteed.


  • Tits and ass is cool, but no pink (vagina), stink (anus), or funky (penetration).
  • Include up to 2 links (model profile, clipstore, twitter, etc).
  • Everyone depicted must be over 18.
  • You must be the legal owner of all images submitted.
  • If you have a paysite with an affiliate program, please include a link to your webmaster page.
  • Upload your pics in a Zip file using the form below. IZArc is an excellent free zip utility. If you’re having trouble, contact me and I’ll give you an alternative way to upload your pics.

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Are You Interested in Doubling Your CamGirl Earnings?

If you’re a webcam model, you probably possess a very lucrative asset that you might not be exploiting the way you should be. Most camgirls develop “followings” over time, and these followings are made up of cam site viewers who are really into camgirls. Yeah, I know — duh. The point is, if you’re not marketing cam site memberships to your followers, you’re leaving a HUGE amount of money on the table. Let me explain why.

As you know, many cam site members spend a whole lot of dough on camgirls. Some people spend thousands per month. As a cam site affiliate, you can earn a percentage of the money spent by members you refer through your links (the percentage varies from program to program, but it’s usually around 20%). So, for example, if you refer a guy who ends up spending 3 grand per month on the site, you could earn $600/month off of him alone! And all you had to do was refer him!

Good ways to use your affiliate links are by sharing them on your blog or social media. If you personally recommend a cam site, many of your followers will signup. You can write about a girl you saw there, or a whacky sex act that took place during a show, or whatever. Then, just include your link and urge them to join. It’s easy money, and it can easily boost your income, trust me.

These are some of the best cam site sponsor programs out there. You should signup to each one and test them all with your following, to see which ones perform best for you. Promoting several different networks is also important because many of your followers will obviously already be members at one or more of these cam sites.

AWE LiveJasmin – This is one of the largest cam site affiliate programs, and LiveJasmin is one of the top premium cam site networks. Don’t worry about the confusing details. Lots of money to be made with this program.

SexTracker Money Tree – This is the affiliate program for Streamate, which has become one of the largest and most popular premium cam sites around. They pay 30% revenue share.

Chaturbate – This free cam site has shot straight to the top of the field due to its token-based tipping system and hardcore public shows. They offer 20% revenue share.

MyFreeCams – MFC is known as the site where serious money can be made. Some models are becoming millionaires on that site. CrakRevenue now offers affiliates the ability to refer members to MFC for a 15% revenue share. That might seem low compared to the other programs, but more money gets spent on MFC than anywhere else. It more than balances out. – Owned by Manwin, the company behind most of the major porn tubes. For that reason alone, it’s wise to keep an eye on this cam site. They have a great Pay-Per-Signup program.

Remember, you’ve got a pre-qualified group of camgirl-obsessed followers who are just waiting for you to tell them what the next hot cam site is. Don’t waste your unique opportunity to sell them what they want!


Has Tumblr Broken Your Heart?

Yes, it’s true. Tumblr is now on a warpath to purge itself of any adult-related blog that dares use any promotional links of any kind. For years, many webcam models had used their Tumblrs to market their cams to the throngs of horny Tumblenauts but, alas, the ride has ended with Tumblr’s acquisition by Yahoo. Since the takeover, cam model blogs on the Big T have been falling faster than panties after a 1000-token tip. And, believe it or not, even BlogSpot has now changed its rules to prohibit adult content blogs from having any promo links whatsoever. They’ve already begun pulling sites. So, what’s a camgirl to do, you ask? Well, step into my office.

Frankly, you need your own website. Or, more precisely, your own blog. Having your own blog allows you to communicate directly with your followers in a way that is really indispensable. With a blog, you can build your brand, share cool moments in your life, and promote cam sites with lucrative affiliate marketing tactics (as mentioned above). A blog gives you a platform that allows for so much more depth than social media, plus there are NO rules! It’s YOUR site, so you can do what you want with it. It’s a special kind of freedom that is just not possible on any social site.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have any webmaster training to put up a blog. These days, many web hosts have “One-Click” installs for WordPress blogs, so all you have to do is register a domain name, open a hosting account, and install WordPress on the domain with the easy and simple installation interface. Then, you just go about customizing it the same way you would on Tumblr or BlogSpot. WordPress is just as easy to use, plus it offers something the others don’t — FREEDOM!

All you need to get started is a good web host, and I can recommend an excellent one that is cheap, reliable, and has all the easy-to-use goodness you’re looking for. AmeriNOC hosts all of my sites, and they’ve never let me down. You can register your domain name with them when you signup for hosting (I recommend their beginner “Shared Hosting” plan, which is under $10 per month!). They’ve got everything you’ll need, trust me. Use the coupon “AMNOCDEAL” and get 50% off your hosting bill.

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Once you get your blog up and running, you’ll never look back. Camgirls were born to be free — you know it, and I know it. Good luck, and don’t forget to use your Twitter to promote each and every one of your blog posts! Pretty soon, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t blowoff Tumblr ages ago.