About Sexual Dreamer Guy

A lot of you are probably wondering how the heck I got so good at lucid dreaming, and some of you are still wondering what in tarnation lucid dreaming even is. Let me take this opportunity to explain.

First of all, Lucid Dreaming is one of the most awesome experiences you can have as a human mortal. It’s the act of dreaming while you’re aware that you’re dreaming. But that’s only the first level of lucidity — full lucidity allows you to not only know you’re dreaming, but to actually control the dream! Think of it as like being on the holodeck, from Star Trek. The vast majority of people, regrettably, never get to wield this amazing level of control over their dreams, and that’s really too bad. With full lucidity, I can do just about anything I want in my dreamworld. I can fly, go to Mars, have tea with the Queen of England, and schtoop absolutely anyone I wish to!

Perhaps you can imagine what this ability can do for a seriously horny geek who’s obsessed with camgirls and pornstars? Yep, you got it. I’ve nailed so many of these hotties, I feel like I should be doing like a million Hail Marys in penance. And let me tell you, if you know what you’re doing, lucid dreamsex actually feels just as real as actual sex. All the sensations are the same. The girl feels the same, she smells the same, she’s warm to the touch, and you can even catch a whiff of bad breath during aggressive smooching, from time to time. And yes, um, it feels exactly the same “down there,” as well.

I first started to learn about lucid dreaming in college and, being the visionary of debauchery that I’ve always been, I immediately began to contemplate the sexual potential of this odd ability. I read up as much as I could, and I finally developed the skill to reliably induce lucid dreams at will and on demand. It was a bit tough at first, but now, I can have several lucid dreams per night.

Since I’ve always been totally enamored of camgirls, they were my first dream “partners.” Words cannot express how uncontrollably cool it is to make whoopie with a girl you’ve chatted up on a cam site. You feel like you’re living your dream — well, you kinda are. I’ve also gone to town on several celebrity chicks, of course, but I keep coming back to the main objects of my libidinal adoration — the cam cuties.

Most of the dreams I have with these girls are so freaking off the wall (sexual lucid dreaming, though great, is an imperfect and often “unstable” practice) that I decided to write about my slumbering perv adventures here on this blog. Feel free to read through my entries and see how I fulfill my various fetish desires with camgirls who are figments of my imagination (thank goodness for them!). But please, don’t judge me too harshly — being able to do anything you want tends to go to your head (and not always the big one on your shoulders).

Want to have sexual lucid dreams yourself?