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What If You Could Fuck ANYONE You Wanted To?

Hey, I’m Sexual Dreamer Guy, and I’ve developed the ability to have lucid dreams whenever I want. Not only that — I can achieve full lucidity in my dreams, which means I can have phenomenally hot sex with anyone in the whole world! I use this skill to regularly rock the casbah with camgirls, porn stars, and hot celebrities — it’s completely AWESOME! I usually surf the free cams at onwebcam.com first, to get an idea for the kind of hottie I’d like to do the dream funky with, then hit the hay and enter my debauched dream scenario.

It’s Like Being In a Sexual Holodeck — Everything Is So REAL!!

Lucid dreaming is simply having a dream while you know you’re dreaming. When you’re fully lucid, you can control every aspect of the dream — including the people you interact with and HAVE SEX with! I’m telling you, sex in a lucid dream feels exactly the same as it does in real life. Every scent, every sensation — it’s unbelievably amazing! Having complete control over every aspect of the encounter is a rush I just can’t describe in words — it totally freaking ROCKS!

So, Go Ahead and Follow My Dream Perving…It Won’t Bore You, That’s For Sure!

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